About us

Biocom Technology is a young, dynamic company committed to seeking friendly and sustainable solutions to meet current energy needs.
At Biocom Technology we manufacture biomass burners as an alternative to traditional fuels, such as diesel, petrol or natural gas, which are unfriendly to the environment.
Our burners are multifuel, they operate on many types of biomass, such as wood pellets, olive pits, or almond shells, among others. Our customers, depending on their needs and constraints, can therefore choose among a wide range of biomass types, with the help and expertise of our technical staff.
Biocom biomass burners are manufactured entirely in Spain, and incorporate a patented innovative system that delivers outstanding performance.
At Biocom Technology we bring new meaning to the definition of standard, offering standard equipment that other producers only offer as an option.

Work with us

If you might be interested to join our team, or become a distributor or installer, please contact us